HRM- Human Resource Management System

Deskera HRMS provides organizations the muchneeded tools to manage their most  important asset –their employees. The software is specially designed by HR professionals to empower the HR department to actively support company goals while improving the HR competence. A powerful and extensive feature list makes human resource management easier, accurate and more efficient.


Enhance the recruitment process by automating and
streamlining the complete hiring process. Deskera HRMS offers a comprehensive web-based recruitment and talent management solution that identifies competency  equirements, recognizes potential candidates within the organization, tracks external applications, schedules  interviews and handles candidate selection and induction. It facilitates swift, impartial, accurate and authentic processing of applications.


Achieve effective workforce management with a comprehensive list of employee administrative features.  Deskera HRMS Personnel Administration provides an integrated and centralized employee database to manage all employees by keeping a track of all their activities. Manage all employee related details, rehire ex-employees, upload documents and view detailed personnel history. You can also configure different appraisal cycles as per your organization’s requirements.


Reward your employees with fast, accurate and efficient payroll processing. Deskera HRMS addresses the entire spectrum of enterprise payroll requirements and offers a highly flexible set of rules to configure any type of payroll component. Generate payroll with a single click and access reports to get a complete overview of salary disbursements. Also, employees can comfortably view their salary slips online, which has complete details about payroll deductions, taxes etc.

performance apprisal

Align your workforce with organizational goals by tracking relevant milestones and employee performance indicators throughout the year. Streamline, improve and Automate the entire performance management process, right from
establishing strategy driven goals and competencies for an employee, to assessing employee performance against these goals. You can also provide continual feedback on employee performance and administer employee appraisals and performance reviews

employee self services

Empower your employees to be a part of the HR process by allowing them to personalize their profile via the Employee Self-Service portal. Your employees have the freedom to view their personal information, access appraisal reports and download payslips whenever needed. They can also view internal job postings, apply for them and monitor the status of their application. Employees can add or edit daily work hours in their time sheet and send it to their approving managers. Gain better insight into employee productivity and performance via comprehensive time sheet  reports and interactive graphs and charts.


Deskera eLeave integrates leave and attendance management processes. It empowers your organization to lower leave administration costs and ensures a productive workforce. Manage your organizational policies by uploading your leave policies. Configure different leave types for employees based on their designation or seniority. Paid and unpaid leave types can be defined along with accrual rules to these types to accumulate
leaves in days, even hours.


claims management that reduces manual efforts and provides a paperless environment for claims processing. It delivers a fully integrated workflow for efficient claim tracking, processing and document management. Deskera eClaims empowers your organization to effectively manage employee claims by recording,  onitoring, tracking and evaluating employee claims.


Assist your employees to stay up-to-date with their tax reconciliations and formalities with the help of a hassle-free employee tax management application. Employees have access to etax filing and can also access different tax submission forms to ensure that they do not default on their tax submission