7 Key Digital Statistics Every Digital Marketers Should Know


With less than half of Myanmar population active digital and mobile users at 21M active internet and social users (39% penetration rate).

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With Internet users and social media users growing at a rapid rate of 17% CAGR, it’s like adding the entire population of Switzerland every year! However, the runaway star is social media users on mobile growing at an annual rate of 34 percent.

The number of users is predicted to reach 50% and foreign direct investments in the digital economy to hit US$12 billion by 2025. The surge in digital users and investment will shift advertising and content towards digital and creating demand for the next generation of digital marketers.  The implication for marketers is clear when it comes to marketing plans being on digital and social is no longer an option but has to be an integrated component of one’s campaign plan where assets need only have to be considered for the offline and online journey for the omnichannel audience. (Source: Hootsuite; Wearesocial, Myanmar Times)

By 2020 and 2025, the number of Internet users is expected to reach 45pc and 50pc, Meanwhile, foreign direct investments in the digital economy is estimated to hit US$8 billion and US$12 billion by 2020 and 2025, respectively, up from US$6 billion currently, if all goes to plan.  The surge in digital users and investment will shift advertising and content towards digital and creating demand for the next generation of digital marketers.  (Source: Myanmar Times)


At 80% smartphone mix of all mobile users, it means an entire generation first exposure to the internet will be via smartphone mobile. A mobile first digital and android based environment will be key consideration for digital marketers looking to create online and app based digital assets. (Source: Statscounter)


Over 80 percent of Myanmar digital natives are millennials.  Understanding their media and content consumptions habits and mapping their digital journey will be key in triggering the right response.  (Source: Hootsuite, Wearesocial)


Facebook with over 94% penetration rate in  Myanamar is the dominant social media channel for all online and social media users. Understanding Facebook marketing and it how works in attracting and building a community of fans are key digital know how for any B2B and B2C marketers.  (Source: Statcounter)


LinkedIn with 0.4M users and growing @ 23% per quarter means that in 2020 will have a user base of >1M users. Marketers looking at reaching out to key decision makers through thought leadership content and profiling their organizations should start grabbing a beachhead mindshare to stay at the forefront of this nascent channel. (Source: Hootsuite and Wearesocial)

#6 Think Global, Act Local

With 80% of all app stores downloads from Google Play and App stores being global apps, there exist opportunity for local players to move into local entertainment, content and services. Facebook current fan page following shows the propensity for Myanmar internet users to consume informative content from global and local brands, there exist opportunity to expand towards more entertaining and utility content. (Source: Google Playstore, Apple, Facebook Insights)


Myanmar spend an average of more than 5 hours on digital and social activities on the internet. With social media i.e. Facebook that accounts for over 30% of all usage and gaming and video entertainment makes up the 45% of total internet activities. As media consumption shift from traditional to digital channels, marketers need to leverage of in-game and video advertisements and video content to engage the millennials at their preferred digital channels.  (Source: Google Trends, Alexa, App Store, Apptopia, AdsMy)

With more Burmese businesses ramping up their digital efforts to gain an early beach-head and jump start ahead of the competition for millennials’ attention and their consumption dollars, understanding digital marketing will be key. Digital marketing represents an opportunity to not only grow your business but helps you capture the audience journey and build lasting relationships with your target audience.

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